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{True Bias} Shelby playsuit

When the True Bias Shelby launched a few months ago, I bought the pattern on the day. I absolutely loved everything about it and couldn't wait to get it made. Having been a teenager in the 90s, I have great memories of that time period and my playlists are largely populated by the hits of that decade. The Shelby is a huge throw back to that and I love it for it. 
The pattern has short and maxi lengths, jumpsuit or dress options and also 2 types of sleeves: regular or cap. I made the playsuit/romper version with cap sleeves. My bust measurement (33.5in/85cm) put me in between sizes 2 and 4 so I went with 4. My waist and hips would have comfortably fitted into the 2 but I didn't want to risk the sleeves being tight. I was a rebel and went straight in without making a toile first, so I wanted all the insurance I could get. Minus the toile. I know. 🙄😆
I made the playsuit out of 2m of fabric - pattern calls for 2.3m. I had nothing left but didn't have to struggle to fit it in. My fabric is the stunning Meadow Bold rayon from Art Gallery Fabrics which I got from Lamazi Fabrics during their summer sale. I had never touched Art Gallery rayon but this is out of this world soft! It's a very very fine fabric so it's a bit shifty to sew. Very resistant to snagging and pressed extremely well, too.
The pattern instructions, as usual, were second to none. The placket is very cleverly constructed by means of folding one side over the other at the bottom, so the finish is clean and tidy. It's a pretty easy and quick project and very satisfying to sew. I love the v-neck. I actually love the whole thing and Ginner is a fan, too. I've never seen him more impressed by anything else I've ever made. 
The buttons I used were destined to go on a shirt for Ginner but I had enough of them that I can still do that after using these 5. My machine had one weird wobble during one of the buttonholes but it wasn't anything major and it's not noticeable now. It kind of made one side slightly out of whack from the first one. I'm not sure how or why nor have I ever had that happen before. My suspicion is that the fabric is still too fine, even with interfacing. 
I didn't make any alterations to the pattern but I might lengthen it a little next time. As a jumpsuit, it's fine since there's a crotch seam keeping it in place. As a dress, I'm not so confident it wouldn't end in unwanted flashing. Especially since it's as breezy and floaty as it is. One more vigorous breeze is all it would take. 

The waist ties and princess seams make this a doddle to fit. I've read that some people found the cap sleeves to be tight but mine are fine. I have fairly muscular upper arms and wide shoulders for my frame but I didn't have to alter the pattern. I did measure it before cutting though, to be sure it wouldn't be too small.
The only thing I think the Shelby is missing is pockets. I would've added them but I never even thought and, if I had, I'd have probably decided to wait and see how fitted around the hips it would turn out. There's nothing worse than unwanted volume in that area. I will add pockets next time though.
I finished this last week and I intend to wear it at the The Sewing Weekender, which is happening this weekend and I cannot bloody wait! The weather has been so hot this week and, although it is going to cool down a little, I think it will still be warm enough to wear my Shelby at the weekend. 

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