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So long, Blogspot. Hello, Wordpress!

I've been wanting to move my blog away from Blogspot for a while but could never be bothered to actually do it. This week was the tipping point though, and I've now fully migrated over to . The blogspot address will remain here but all new posts will only appear at .  There are lots of reasons for the move but my biggest one is how hard Blogger has made it for people to subscribe to receive new posts via email. It's such a basic requirement but apparently, they think it's too much to offer.  I'm basing this purely on how I myself prefer to consume this stuff. I can't be arsed with feed readers anymore and emails are easy and convenient. When I receive one, if I fancy reading it, I will click through to it and, if not, I'll just delete it. Another reason is the spat between Google (owners of Blogger) and Instagram/Facebook/Meta. I don't even know if this is still the case anymore
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{knitting} Up & up hat

In an effort to be more diligent about recording everything I make this year, there's a different face around here today! It's my friend Ludmila who was staying with us last week - along with her lovely husband. I've known Lud since we were 19, all the way back in 1998! 🤯🤯🤯 She still lives in Brasil but we've remained as close as ever as the years went by. When she fixed her wedding date to be the week before I moved to the UK so I could be there, I knew we were forever. 😆💗 So when we were in Leeds last week and she found some  Rowan Big Wool  in a gorgeous shade of yellow, I didn't hesitate to offer to make her a hat with it. It might have been a risky proposition as this was Monday lunchtime, they were going home on Thursday and we were spending Tuesday and Wednesday in Dublin with no space to bring any knitting with me - only a backpack allowed. 🤦‍♀️ But hey, Big Wool knits up so fast and she offered to take care of dinner that night so I could knit in peac

{knitting} Whitmoor Sweater

Now that the whirlwind of hosting visitors has ended, I can share my newest jumper: the Whitmoor sweater by Ami Lowden.  Holy moly did I get obsessed with this jumper! It started in early January when I logged in to Ravelry to update The Weekender jumper I had finally finished and I found the Whitmoor in my cart. I had no recollection of ever adding it or even seeing it before, but there are a couple of people in my Instagram feed who have made it or talked about it at some point, so I guess that's where it stemmed from. Once I had a proper look at it, it was love at first sight. I think the bishop sleeves did it for me and the lace yoke just sealed the deal. I immediately bought the pattern and ordered some yarn to knit it. I couldn't wait to get started. It's not a secret I'm a huge fan of  King Cole Merino blend 4-ply . I've used all weights in their merino blend collection: they're great quality, there's a good range of colours and they're super aff

{knitting} The Weekender

Long time no see, happy new year, etc etc etc... I had a bit of a tricky year in 2022, which affected my motivation to sew and knit quite dramatically. I'm hoping this new beginning is the incentive I need to kick-start my creativity again. So far, 2023 has proved fairly productive and I hope that'll continue. 🤞 So on with what we're here for: let's look at some knitting! Soon after I finished my Wool and Honey jumper  ***IN 2020!!!*** 🙈 I made a start on another Andrea Mowry pattern: The Weekender . It's a very simple, loose-fitting jumper with some lovely details to it.  It's knitted inside out for a start, which I love because that means you constantly knit rather than purl. It also has a cool faux seam down the centre front and centre back and I really like the slash neckline. Another small detail I love is the little split hem on the sides. It's such a nice, clever touch. The jumper is knitted from the bottom up though so it can be tricky to judge si

{Hey June Handmade} Fairmount Shacket

As soon as the Fairmount pattern was released last year, I bought it. I know there have been a few similar overshirts around for a while but the Fairmount was the one that stood out for me. Plus, Hey June Handmade patterns are some of my favourites and they're so well drafted that there was no question this was the overshirt for me. It took me a while to settle on the fabric. I have a terracotta jumbo cord I bought to make this as well but I wasn't totally convinced. I ordered this Robert Kaufman Mammoth Flannel over Christmas and it was the perfect fabric for it. It's so cosy and snuggly. The pattern is expertly drafted for substantial fabrics as well. The way the collar and front placket are finished is great for combating bulky seam intersections. No lumpy bits to turn over when trying to hem it. 🙌 See what I mean? Look at how smooth it is where the placket meets the collar! 😍 I only ordered 2.5m of the fabric and, although I managed some fairly decent pattern placeme

{Sew Over It} Roxy Jumper

I made my second Sew Over It Roxy jumper this week and, seeing as I made some adjustments to it, I thought I'd write a blog post detailing what I did in case I want to check back in the future. I really like the pattern. My first one was a buddy sew with Mel from a year ago, almost to the day. Although I love my original version, it is a little bit more cropped than I'm used to and I wanted to try the basic version, without the big sleeves. The fabric I used is a French terry I bought from  Like Sew Amazing  a few months ago and it's ridiculously soft. However, it didn't have the required amount of stretch and I had to recut a slightly longer neckband to fit around my head. I remember having problems attaching the original one as well so I wonder if it is a little bit too tight. Even having to unpick that overclocked seam, I still finished sewing this up in about 3 hours as it's a really quick and easy project. I made a size 10, grading out to a 12 at the hips, jus

{Megan Nielsen} Matilda dress

Eeeeeesh! Have I got a pretty dress to show you today! It's the  Megan Nielsen Matilda  and it is gorgeous! I had a big chunk of time to sew a couple of weekends ago and this is what I chose to work on. I bought the pattern and fabric about 3 years ago and had the PDF printed for 2 whole years, so it was about time this got made.  The dress has a utilitarian look which I really like. It features drop shoulders, sizeable patch pockets and pretty little pleated breast pockets with a flap. So many great details and the perfect pattern to have fun with topstitching. I think the buttons complement the utility look and I'm really happy with the whole thing. I graded mine from XS at the bust to M from the waist down and the fit is spot on. As it happens, the pattern has only just been updated to include more sizes - it goes from 0 to 20 now. I think my version is equivalent to a 4 up top to a 10 at the waist. The instructions were great: comprehensive but easy and clear to follow.  Th