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{True Bias} Roscoe volume II

Happy new year! I haven't done a lot of sewing in 2021 yet but I do have something to share today. I don't usually blog about repeat garments but I made some changes to this one and I wanted to leave a written, searchable record of them for my own convenience really. I made the True Bias Roscoe again. In another dreamy Atelier Brunette fabric but this time it was this stunning double gauze. I got mine from Fabricate  but unfortunately they don't have anymore of it in stock in this colourway. They do have the deep green , which is almost as nice. 😁 I really love this red, I must say. It's a bugger to capture in photos but it's a gorgeous, rich, deep red. It would actually be an excellent Christmas dress as it happens. Anyway, the sizing is exactly as before - check the blog post here for the rundown. Now on to what I changed: first, the neck opening. On my original one, the opening is a bit too low for me to wear it undone. For this version I shortened it by an in
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{Maven Patterns} Kitty Dress

The  Kitty Dress  from Maven Patterns has been on my list to sew for a long time but I couldn't settle on a fabric for it. When we travelled to Scotland over the summer, though, I found some medium-weight denim that would be perfect for it. This was always going to be a buddy sew with  Mel  and we finally found the time to do it a few weeks ago. The dress has a strong 60s vibe. It features a Peter Pan collar and a horizontal dart across the 2 front, which I absolutely love. It's slightly fitted at the top but flares out over the hips. There are also 2 shoulder darts at the back. The patterns offers 2 sleeve lengths and I really wanted to sew the longer one because it has an elbow dart, but I thought the short sleeve would work better with the denim for a casual dress.  I absolutely love my Kitty. I made a size 10 up top and graded it to a 12 from the waist down but I probably would've been ok with a straight size 10. I'm not sure the dart is sitting at the right height

{True Bias} Yari Jumpsuit

You know when you pass up on a pattern, end up making it eventually and then kick yourself for not making it sooner because you love it so much? Yeah... That. This is how I feel about the True Bias   Yari Jumpsuit . What a marvellous pattern! It is slightly loose-fitting, has big  angled patch pockets set into the seams, a V-neck and front button closure. I made view C, which is the sleeveless trousers version. I also opted for the d-rings on the waist to help with definition. My measurements span 3 sizes so I cut the 4 at the top and graded out to an 8 on the hips. It took about 2.5m of 150cm wide fabric for my size, I believe. The fabric is a medium to heavyweight dark green drill I got from Barry's in Birmingham last year when I visited the shop with Mel. Man, I miss going fabric shopping with her! 😭😭 It has some stretch to it and it's really soft and smooth. It feels sand washed to me, almost velvety. I can't stop rubbing my hands up and down it when I wear it.  It wa

{Hey June Handmade} Trevi Dress

Today I'm sharing a slightly seasonally inappropriate dress. Not only is it a racerback cut, but I've also made it out of linen... I've had it on my list to make for ages and I'm glad I've finally done it! It's the Hey June Handmade Trevi dress and I'm really happy with it. The drafting and instructions are the usual high standard I've come to expect from Hey June and now I want to make the top version as well. I made a size 2 without FBA. A few of Hey June's patterns offer a version with a dart added on, for anyone who needs a full bust adjustment. Isn't that great? It's a very simple dress: classic shape, curved hem, racerback and look at the button back! I really love it. All the edges are finished with bias tape, which is something I enjoy doing but I'm aware not everyone feels the same way about it. My fabric, as I've said, is linen. I got it at Merchant and Mills  in the summer, when I visited with Mel. ❤ It seems softer than o

{French Navy} Fleetwood Dress

This one was a bit of a journey... So let me start at the beginning. When I had to cancel my trip to visit Mel a couple of weeks ago because of this bloody virus, we decided we'd have a buddy sewing session to make up for it. The most socially distant of activities, over 200 miles away from each other, sadly. Anyway, after a little bit of deliberation as to what we should sew we landed on the  Fleetwood Dress  by French Navy. We both fell in love with it as soon as it came out a few weeks ago so it was a pretty easy decision to make. The dress is gorgeous, with lots of details I love, like a princess-seamed bodice and front yokes. The fit is really good as well. Very much in keeping with my Lockdown Style, consisting of anything that isn't fitted but looks cute. It is missing pockets actually 😁 but that will be remedied when I make it again. The fabric I chose is a chambray that was a joy to sew and press. It came from  Hometown  in Rochester, which is where Mel works. She use

{True Bias} Nikko Top

A couple of weeks ago, I decided I needed a replacement for my Freya pattern. I have been really disappointed with Tilly's brand over the last few months and I don't feel great promoting it. So I started my hunt for the perfect turtleneck jersey top. It was a really short hunt, actually. My friend Joy  helpfully suggested the  Nikko top  from True Bias and I ran with it. I made 3 of them this weekend. As I was trying to replace the Freya, I took a look at the finished measurements of both to compare. The True Bias size 8 was the closest thing to the bust measurement of the Freya so I cut that. The Freya calls for 25% stretch, whereas the Nikko needs 75% and you should really take notice . My first version of the Nikko had to go to my daughter because, although the fit was more or less fine, it was intensely difficult to get my head through the neck opening - the fabric only stretched about 50% but I'm a stubborn cow and thought I could still manage it. 🙄 No, I don't k

{True Bias} Roscoe Dress

I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling like a different person compared to who I was pre-lockdown. This year has changed me in many ways. I have learned a lot about myself and about what I actually cannot cope without - my hairdresser and the internet if you're curious. Another thing I've noticed is a shift in the sorts of shapes towards which I now gravitate when it comes to my sewing. I want all the loose clothing, please and thank you. I suspect getting older and giving less of a shit about everything has a massive part to play in this as well, but let's take a look at this particular dress for a minute... This is the  True Bias Roscoe dress  and it's been around for some time. Had I ever paid attention to it until now? Not really. Have I ever thought about wearing a boho style dress before? Not at all. Do I bloody love it more than anything now that I have actually sewn one? ABSO-FREAKIN'-LUTELY! I mean, how could I not? It's super loose, mega comfy and i