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{Megan Nielsen} Matilda dress

Eeeeeesh! Have I got a pretty dress to show you today! It's the  Megan Nielsen Matilda  and it is gorgeous! I had a big chunk of time to sew a couple of weekends ago and this is what I chose to work on. I bought the pattern and fabric about 3 years ago and had the PDF printed for 2 whole years, so it was about time this got made.  The dress has a utilitarian look which I really like. It features drop shoulders, sizeable patch pockets and pretty little pleated breast pockets with a flap. So many great details and the perfect pattern to have fun with topstitching. I think the buttons complement the utility look and I'm really happy with the whole thing. I graded mine from XS at the bust to M from the waist down and the fit is spot on. As it happens, the pattern has only just been updated to include more sizes - it goes from 0 to 20 now. I think my version is equivalent to a 4 up top to a 10 at the waist. The instructions were great: comprehensive but easy and clear to follow.  Th
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{Friday Pattern Co} Davenport Dress

This one fills me with joy! First, there's the fabric... It's a Liberty Tana Lawn that Ginner gave me as an anniversary present about 8 years ago when I'd first started sewing. I've been saving it for so long and nothing ever seemed to be good enough for it but I finally found the perfect match. Then, there's the fact that this was a buddy sew with my best bitch, Mel ! After MONTHS of several cancelled plans to visit each other and do stuff together, we were at last allowed to actually meet up and have a metric crap tonne of fun last week! It was so wonderful to spend time with her and I can't wait to do it again. So let's get into the sewing. This is the Davenport dress by Friday Pattern Co. It's a very recent release and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to make one. Mel felt the same way so it was clear early on that this would be our buddy sew project for when she came to stay with us. To me, it gives strong peasant dress vibes but Mel thinks it

{Megan Nielsen} Opal Trousers

 Today I'm sharing one of my recent favourites: the Opal trousers by Megan Nielsen. I really love this pattern! I'm very happy with the end result. The trousers are loose-fitting and feature an elastic waist so they're extremely comfortable. There are also options for 2 short lengths as well as trousers, patch or side seam pockets and a regular elastic waistband as well as the paper bag one I made.  I made a straight size 10 but I cut the tall leg length as I've been burned with Megan Nielsen's regular inseams in the past. I ended up taking some back off again but I can't remember if it was 1 or 2 inches. For the record, I'm not tall, I'm 5'6" but for some reason, MN's trousers have ended up too short for me in the past. Construction was really simple and quick and the instructions were great. One thing to note is that they call for 32mm or 25mm elastic. I only had 25mm so that's what I went with but that was *very* snug in the channel.

{Megan Nielsen} Kelly Skirt

Coming at you today with an underrated little gem: the  Kelly skirt  from Megan Nielsen.  I've had the pattern printed and ready to go for a really long time but for some reason, I hadn't got around to making it yet. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I ordered this cotton linen from Sew Me Sunshine for a shirt. When it arrived, however, I decided it'd be too heavy for a shirt  - serves me right for not paying attention to the description - so I had to put on my thinking cap on. Don't get me wrong, it's really lovely fabric. I've used it before in fact, for a Southport dress , but I only had 1.5m this time so I had my work cut out for me. When I happened to have it laying side by side with this viscose from the shirt I'm wearing here, a lightbulb went off in my head. I needed an outfit that would put both of these together! That's when I landed on the Kelly and the 1.5m of fabric I had was enough for the size I was making - a Medium. It was easy and quick to

{True Bias} Roscoe volume II

Happy new year! I haven't done a lot of sewing in 2021 yet but I do have something to share today. I don't usually blog about repeat garments but I made some changes to this one and I wanted to leave a written, searchable record of them for my own convenience really. I made the True Bias Roscoe again. In another dreamy Atelier Brunette fabric but this time it was this stunning double gauze. I got mine from Fabricate  but unfortunately they don't have anymore of it in stock in this colourway. They do have the deep green , which is almost as nice. 😁 I really love this red, I must say. It's a bugger to capture in photos but it's a gorgeous, rich, deep red. It would actually be an excellent Christmas dress as it happens. Anyway, the sizing is exactly as before - check the blog post here for the rundown. Now on to what I changed: first, the neck opening. On my original one, the opening is a bit too low for me to wear it undone. For this version I shortened it by an in

{Maven Patterns} Kitty Dress

The  Kitty Dress  from Maven Patterns has been on my list to sew for a long time but I couldn't settle on a fabric for it. When we travelled to Scotland over the summer, though, I found some medium-weight denim that would be perfect for it. This was always going to be a buddy sew with  Mel  and we finally found the time to do it a few weeks ago. The dress has a strong 60s vibe. It features a Peter Pan collar and a horizontal dart across the 2 front, which I absolutely love. It's slightly fitted at the top but flares out over the hips. There are also 2 shoulder darts at the back. The patterns offers 2 sleeve lengths and I really wanted to sew the longer one because it has an elbow dart, but I thought the short sleeve would work better with the denim for a casual dress.  I absolutely love my Kitty. I made a size 10 up top and graded it to a 12 from the waist down but I probably would've been ok with a straight size 10. I'm not sure the dart is sitting at the right height

{True Bias} Yari Jumpsuit

You know when you pass up on a pattern, end up making it eventually and then kick yourself for not making it sooner because you love it so much? Yeah... That. This is how I feel about the True Bias   Yari Jumpsuit . What a marvellous pattern! It is slightly loose-fitting, has big  angled patch pockets set into the seams, a V-neck and front button closure. I made view C, which is the sleeveless trousers version. I also opted for the d-rings on the waist to help with definition. My measurements span 3 sizes so I cut the 4 at the top and graded out to an 8 on the hips. It took about 2.5m of 150cm wide fabric for my size, I believe. The fabric is a medium to heavyweight dark green drill I got from Barry's in Birmingham last year when I visited the shop with Mel. Man, I miss going fabric shopping with her! 😭😭 It has some stretch to it and it's really soft and smooth. It feels sand washed to me, almost velvety. I can't stop rubbing my hands up and down it when I wear it.  It wa