{Tilly and the Buttons} The Indigo smock dress

When the Indigo dress came out I wasn't bothered. I had just bought the I AM Cassiopée and didn't think I'd need another smock style dress in my life. I wasn't even sure if the shape was for me at that point. I have since made the Cassiopée twice and I wear them a lot. I still wasn't convinced I needed another pattern that was so similar though. But then, Fabricate had a party to launch their new shop location and I wanted to attend. Obviously, I'm still on a fabric buying ban until January and couldn't buy any fabric so I bought an Indigo pattern that night instead.
I am so in love with this dress!!! How can something so simple look so good? I think the fabric plays a massive part though. Ever since I saw this chambray version that Caroline made I have wanted to make a similar one. It just works. My fabric came from Ray Stitch when I visited last month. I can't find it on their website but I also can't remember the name so it may still be there. It's a chambray, as I've already said, and I really love the mid blue wash of it.
I think I actually like the Indigo even more than the Cassiopée because of the closer fitting bodice. I've made a few adjustments on this and I think I need more though... 🤦‍♀️ I made a size 3, which is my usual Tilly size. The original sleeve length is bracelet length, which annoys me. For me it's full sleeves, short sleeves or no sleeves. Anything in between, especially in the winter, is infuriating to wear under a jacket or cardigan. The sleeve dance is not an attractive one. I lengthened my sleeves by 2 inches, just following the line of the arm. It's perfect.
The fit is fine but it's weird on my shoulders. All of Tilly's patterns are weird on my shoulders. I made a 1.5cm forward shoulder adjustment, which is basically pivoting the shoulder seam forward from the neckline. However, the actual shoulder seams are still sitting well back on my shoulders and I don't know what kind of adjustment I need for that. I need to look into it because I don't want to mess around with the neckline but I think I'll have to.
I may also do a full bicep adjustment on my next one. I don't need a lot of extra room but I think it would be good to have a little bit more.
I hemmed it deeper than the patterns suggests. I found the finished length to be far too long and instead of hemming it at 1.5cm I folded 4cm up and did a blind hem on my machine. You can just about see the tiny stitches below because my thread wasn't *quite* the same colour.
I very glad I caved into the Indigo fever and had a go at making one. I won't stop at that. It's a really great pattern, it looks lovely and there's a lot of room for cake, which these days is at the top of my priority list. As I get older, I just want to be comfortable and wearing a cute dress in the process is a very welcome bonus!
The instructions are very clear, as usual. However I must admit I was just glancing at them for the order of construction. This is such a simple project. I had mine done over the course of one afternoon and evening, while sorting out our food, picking children up from school and general midweek stuff. I hemmed it the next morning but it was a very speedy one.
This was yet another buddy sew with Mel, but obviously not as complex as our jeans. We've made 2 more projects together since our Ash Jeans and I really enjoy doing that. It's nice to know she's in my phone whenever I need help or a sewing conscience to talk to. In fact, I must thank you, Conscience, for making me go and cut out the extra 2 strips of pocket interfacing I would've skipped if you hadn't told me to do it. 😁

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