{McCall's} 7533 floral sheath dress

I've now started to work on my winter wardrobe. I don't have many dresses I can wear with thick tights and boots. So far, my winter style has always been jeans and a jumper. But I want to have some stuff handy for when I want to look a little less scruffy...
This dress is the McCall's 7533 which I got free with a recent issue of Love Sewing magazine - though I can't remember which.
McCall's 7533

It's a very simple pattern and with lots of variations. I made a size 10 - my usual for the big 4 - but the fit is weird around the shoulders and it really lifts when my arms go higher than a 45° angle. Plus, the end of the sleeve is very tight around my arm as well. I think I might chop the sleeve and see if that helps.
From what I researched, it looks like the armhole might be too low for me. I've raised it a bit now and will try again soon because I really like this dress.
McCall's 7533
I made a few changes to it. For one, I added in-seam pockets because... Well, pockets. Also, I created my own facings. The pattern comes with them but they're all-in-one, even for the versions with sleeves! Who needs all those layers around the armholes? I really don't understand why they couldn't draw a line on the tissue with a "cut here for views X, Y and Z"...
McCall's 7533
The fabric I used came from my first trip to Denmark earlier this year. It's just a regular cotton that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. I bought it at Stof 2000 but it no longer seems to be in stock. Floral and grey? This is definitely coming back to Yorkshire with me.
Actually, leaving the shop after buying this fabric, I was so excited that I went in the wrong direction, tried to correct myself but tripped up, fell off the kerb and almost ended flat on my arse in the middle of the cycle lane... My friend Ludmila was with me and we laughed all the way back to their flat. We were crying! To be honest, I'm laughing again now... We laughed so much that we forgot to get the hot dog my husband had asked my to bring back for him...
McCall's 7533
In other news, I seem to have come out of my knitting rut... I finished a cardigan at the weekend - more on that very soon - and I also knitted a hat! Now I want to cast on a jumper. And I'm very nearly finished with my needlecord Rosa dress. So I'll have lots to show soon. In the meantime, here's a lovely cabled teaser. 

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