{Sew Over It} Susie Blouse number 2

Today I'm going to talk about my second go at the Sew Over It Susie Blouse. I made it once before and you can find that post here. I really enjoyed making it then and I wanted to make another version. This time, with the 3/4 length sleeve. Here it is.
Sew Over It Susie Blouse II
In terms of putting it together I have nothing much to add from the last time.Simple construction, no closures and a very easy and quick sew. I cut my usual Sew Over It size 10 and didn't change anything.
Sew Over It Susie Blouse II
I actually made it at the beginning of the year but it stayed forgotten in my wardrobe until recently. I have no idea what the fabric is, but I suspect it's some kind of linen blend. It creases quite easily - as illustrated by the photos 😃 - and it frayed like crazy while I was sewing with it.
Sew Over It Susie Blouse II
But it's lovely to wear and one can never have too many white tops. Plus, a chelsea collar to boot? Yes, please!
I'm off to Copenhagen tomorrow for a few days but I've been in a crazy sewing frenzy over the last few days, so there are LOTS of projects for me to show. Including one that almost broke me earlier this week. There were a few sneaky peaks on my instagram this week.
I'll be back here before the end of the week to share some more stuff. Until then, thanks for stopping by.

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