Me Made May: taking stock

Me Made May is finished for another year and I loved taking part in it for a second time. I found this year so much easier though. I had no idea how many handmade items I've added to my wardrobe in such a short space of time. Especially given the almost 6 months I didn't sew at all last year, while we were getting ready to move.
Week 1

Last year, I realised I needed to work on more basics, stuff to wear at home and run errands in. And I think I succeeded in that. There's been a lot of jersey sewing, basic tops and loose trousers.
When I first started sewing clothes, I mostly made fancier stuff. Lots of dresses and skirts which, although look lovely, aren't all that practical for my day to day. But since I don't work, I don't have a daily need for dressier items of clothing. I tend to knock about in comfy clothing that doesn't get in the way of my cleaning, walking Johnnie and doing the school run. 
Week 2
This year, I decided I need to bite the bullet and actually start making trousers. Like, proper ones. Baggy, comfy ones are amazing but I can't just throw any top on while wearing them as it can look very frumpy.
I am terrified of trousers though. I can't do fitting. I can pinch a bit of excess here and there and I can shorten/lengthen things. That's it. I'm also very lucky (or maybe I'm not looking in the right places?) that I seem to just get away with it and things fit me just fine straight out of the envelope. So the idea of having to tackle crotch fitting fills me with dread. But I'm feeling motivated now and already have fabric for a wearable muslin and real fabric for some Ultimate Trousers.
Week 3
I also decided I need more classic shirts in my wardrobe. Despite all the things that went wrong while making my Granville, I learned a lot from it and actually really enjoyed it. Plus, shirts like that are such a great staple. They go with a dressier skirt and look smart but they're also perfect with jeans and a pair Converse trainers. 
I'll try another Granville (or 2, or 3) but I also just bought an Grainline Studio Archer pattern this weekend. I found a gorgeous strawberry red cotton linen blend last week and I want to turn it into a looser fitting shirt.
Week 4
But, as last year, the best thing I got out of Me Made May this time around, was the daily interaction with and support from other sewists from all over the world. There was so much to be inspired by! I got really motivated as well. I started and finished so many projects. I think I whipped up 3 tops, a skirt and a sewing apron - and that was in less than a month since we went away for half term at the end of May.
Week 5

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