{sewing} Sew Over It Tulip Skirt in Florence!

Hi there! I'm back again and this time we're in Florence, Tuscany. We used Florence as a base and visited Pisa and Siena while we were there. It's one of those places that, no matter where you go, you will find something interesting to look at or do. I actually regret that we didn't spend more time there, so we'll have to go back and fix that. ;)
Today I'm sharing my Sew Over It Tulip Skirt, which I really love but I was having a terrible sewing day while I was making it. 
Sew Over It Tulip Skirt

I had an absolute nightmare with the waistband on this. I'm still not sure I've done it right but, for the life of me, I couldn't understand which way up it had to be. I had to unpick it twice!
I also made the pleats the wrong way. Yes, it was a very bad day. I don't know what was going on in my head. Seriously. It's such a great, easy pattern. Had it not been for all these brain farts I'd have probably done it in just a few hours. But I obviously wasn't functioning at full brain capacity at the time. The instructions are great but because the sample is made out of a dark fabric, it makes it tricky to work out what you're looking at.
Sew Over It Tulip Skirt
The crumpling is due to two things. One: I'm not one to 'stage' photos of stuff I made. When I take my pictures, I've either worn the outfit all day or I intend to keep it on for the rest of it, depending on what time the photos are taken. In this case, it means I'd been sat on a bus for the best part of an hour to get to this hill. And when you sit on linen for an hour, there's bound to be some crumpling. Which leads me to reason number two, the fabric: linen crumples like a bugger!!! I've had this linen in my fabric cupboard for a long time. It was originally going to be a gathered skirt but then I wasn't so sure anymore and it was left without a purpose. When the Tulip Skirt came out, I thought I'd try it on this first and I'm glad I did!
Sew Over It Tulip Skirt
It also frayed like crazy and was a bit of a pain in the arse to mark, cut, etc. It just moved around all over the place. But it is nice to wear and it presses well, too.
Despite all the drama during construction I really like the final product. It fits well, it's comfortable and it looks good with or without tights. Not to mention the fact that it makes me look curvy! Ha! I'm already planning my second one but I fancy lining the next - and now there's a video on how to do it. But I'm going to make doubly sure that the waistband goes on properly and the pleats are done the right way out. What a muppet!

See you next time!

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