{knitting} A wave of WIPs

Today I am going to shame myself into getting some stuff finished. I feel that if I post them here, I will feel the pressure to get them completed. Though I can confidently say that if shame worked for me I wouldn't own half of the yarn, nail polish, handbags, shoes and perfume that I own... Still, it doesn't hurt to try, right? I'm going to list these in order of oldest to newest cast on.
WIP #1 - The Percy Shawl

Cast on: April '11 *GASP*
Defence: Beautiful but very intricate lace pattern and not a purl-only wrong side. Plus, I cannot remember which row I've got to. I know, I know. I keep my row counts recorded in my phone. I've got 2 phones since I last worked on this... Let's leave it there.

Cast on: January '12
Defence: Slightly tricky to keep the stitch count with so many YOs and decreases next to each other. Besides, it probably will be fixed with blocking, but I think it looks terrible just off the needles.

Sad-looking abandoned socks
Cast on: July '13
Defence: This was always going to be a long-term project, to be taken away every time we went away so that I don't have to think about what knitting to take with me. Although, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to make these 2aat, from the same ball. Not good. It all gets twisted easily and it annoys me, which is a perfect excuse to work on something else instead.
Twisted, tangled, two at a time sock mess

Cast on: November '13
Defence: Can you spot it? Yeah, I made to left hands. Nope, they aren't patterned on both sides. No, I wasn't making two pairs. Yes, I will have to make to pairs now. This wound is still very raw so despite loving this pattern and having knitted it very quickly, I don't want to look at these again for a little while longer.

There we have it. But these aren't all the WIPs I have at the moment. You've probably noticed that Goodale isn't listed but since I am actively working on it I decided it doesn't count for shaming... 

How many WIPs do you allow yourself to have at any time?

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